Saturday Crit Racing At Muzz

A Grade

Sign on 6.25. Start racing at 6:45 (don’t be late!) for 50" + 3 Laps – 1 x Prime

B Grade

There will be 2 x B Grade fields both racing on the circuit at the same time

Sign on: 7am (both fields)

Race: 7:40am (both fields – staggered starts)

B Grade Limited – capped field with maximum 40 riders inclusive of women

B Grade Open – uncapped – any riders signed on after or outside the capped field will be placed in this race

Both races: 40 minutes + 3 laps

(Primes at Comms discretion)

Grading as per Muzza gradings (so if you are B grade Muzza you can ride either)

No need to come early and queue as everyone still gets to race.

A Grade

Sign on: 6:15am

Race: 6:45am

50 minutes + 3 laps

C, D, E Grade

Sign on: 8am

Race: 8:25am

30 minutes + 3 laps

C Grade
Sign on 8.00
Start Racing at 8:25 for 40" + 3 Laps – 1 x Prime

Cris Gillespie