About Us

The story of Brisbane Cycling Club.
BNECC was formed in 2016 having evolved out of Cyc’d Cycling Club. Cyc'd Cycling Club was formed in 2012 by a small group of riders who saw the potential benefit of formalising a loose alliance of cyclists who enjoyed a regular ride and a coffee stop into an Incorporated Association affiliated with Cycling Queensland.

At the time of formation the Cyc’d Cycling Club committee set about establishing a club that was built upon a strong philosophy of social riding and building a community of like-minded people.
In a short space of time the club also catered for members who wanted to race and undertake challenging cycling events. In five short years Cyc’d Cycling Club expanded due to its welcoming and inclusive culture with a focus of making it a female friendly club. 
In November 2016 the club members voted to change the name of the club to Brisbane Cycling Club to allow it to grow even further. Brisbane Cycling Club retains the culture of Cyc’d Cycling welcoming new members from the social rider through to elite racers. 
We continue to focus on delivering a vibrant and exciting experience for all our members both on the bike and off it through riding, social and other events.
Brisbane Cycling Club welcomes members who share our passion for all things cycling but most of all who value enjoyment and friendship above all else. If these values sound good to you, please get in touch.