• Do I need to be a member to ride with the Brisbane Cycling Club?
    • We invite anyone who is interested in potentially joining BNECC to come along to one of our many group rides to experience it for yourself. Once you've decided that you'd like to ride with us regularly, we do require that you become a Club member.
  • How do I join the Brisbane Cycling Club?
    • There are two ways to join BNECC. We recommend that you join via a Cycling Australia membership as this will provide you 3rd party insurance coverage & other benefits. You will have the option to pay monthly or annually. Simply choose the membership option that best suits your riding and when prompted, select 'QLD' and then 'Brisbane Cycling Club'. Visit Cycling Australia website here.

    • If you do not wish to go through Cycling Australia, you can join BNECC direct, however please note that you will not have insurance coverage. Simply head to the join us page and enter your name, number, email and little bit about yourself and hit 'submit'. Alternatively, of if you have any questions, simply email us at membership@brisbanecyclingclub.com.au
  • Do I need a race licence to join the Club?
    • No, you do not need a race licence to join the club and participate in any of our groups rides and our functions. 
  • How much does it cost to join the Club?
    • Joining via a Cycling Australia membership starts from $48 per year.
    • If you join the club as a social member the cost is $30 per year. Remember, direct membership does not include insurance coverage.
  • How do I know which group ride to go on, to try out the Club?
  • Can I join your BNECC Race Team?
    • The BNECC Race Team was created with the aim of being an inclusive race team for all levels of racing experience. We'd love to talk to you about potentially joining the BNECC Race Team. 

  • Do I need a race licence to join the BNECC Race Team?
    • Yes, you will need a Cycling Australia race licence to either join the BNECC Race Team or to race in general. We will be happy to guide you through this process. You can visit the Cycling Australia website here.
  • How does the Club communicate to Members?
    • We use a customised version of the Team App to communicate & update about all group rides, news and Club functions. Please e-mail membership@brisbanecyclingclub.com.au to gain access to the App.